Cobra 5550PRO Review

Get all the latest GPS features in Cobra 5550PRO that has a compact 5inch Touchscreen and is suitable for both cars and trucks. In fact, the opening screen immediately asks for the option “Truck” or “Car”. With a wide range of options and a revolutionary Lane Assist feature, the device is ideal for both professional drivers as well as those who want to make their travelling time fun and informative with the correct directions.

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Highlights of Cobra 5550PRO

The GPS has excellent graphic and users will love the exceptional clarity that is provided with each and every bit of information presented on the screen. A lot of options are presented in a very logical manner and it is extremely easy to make the correct choice. It is easy to operate even when you are driving.

No need to worry about speed threats and danger zones. Essential details are highlighted much in advance so that you can avoid traffic penalties. Voice navigation is there and you just have to listen so as to get the correct directions.

The Lane Assist feature will allow you to travel easily through the tricky roads and will provide the correct information regarding the turns and the exits to take so as to reach the destination. Navigation occurs quickly and you will surely be impressed with the speed with which maps are loaded on to the device.

Cobra5550 Pro is sleek and slim just like your cell phone and fits in easily in your pockets. The total weight of the device is only 6.2 ounce which speaks itself regarding the sleek design. In the “Truck” mode there are several other features provided so that you can plan out the journey well in advance with respect to the vehicle in question according to the shortest possible route. Entire travel data can also be preserved and drivers can easily keep a record of the duty timings and associated data.

Associated Features:

  • Sharp and compact 5 inch Touchscreen display (5.4 x 0.5 x 3.2 inches)
  • Weight of the product – 6.2 ounces
  • Choose between the option “ Truck” or “Car”
  • In –built “ Junction view & Lane Assist feature “ to help you get across tricky road sections
  • Professional drivers can plan out the journey and store duty related data
  • Warning system for speed zones, red lights and other restrictions
  • 3 months free unrestricted downloads from Driving Hazard Database
  • 3.3 hour battery life

 Buy Cobra 5550PRO and get

  • Cobra 5550PRO GPS for cars and trucks – One unit
  • User manual
  • One year warranty

With an attractive price tag to its name Cobra 5550PRO serves to provide all the essential navigation features while driving. Professional drivers will really love the advanced features that make driving easy and fun.

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